Hello, I am Dinesh and I am a Software Engineer. Hang on, I can read your mind. You might have heard this software engineer plenty of times maybe a million times. So this is yet another Software Engineer's Blog. And here is a twist. How many of such Engineers are writing the blog from 51.5074° N, 0.1278° W and having their first Name starts with “D” and ends with “H”? And even more how many of such Engineers are thinking their blog is going to make world better place? So I made my point. This is the special place on the Internet(I am biased I know).

Now go on reading, I will try to stop bragging and let me Introduce Dinesh to you. Dinesh lives in London and he comes from India. He develops code in his day job in Python, Golang, Javascript. He maintains the legacy code in Java and PHP old souls. He fancies writing APIs using simple Flask to heavy ORM Django. He writes those famous docker and Kubernetes manifest files and smiles for a day when his code is serving the real people from Production Kubernetes cluster. He works in 2 weeks Agile sprint. He is a committed and passionate software engineer who can keep his mind open to new possibilities. He is never afraid of admitting the mistakes or admitting when he was wrong. And believes the strong team is not a function of an individual team member. It’s a function of their collaboration, tenacity, and mutual respect.