Just about my Sister on her Birthday!

January 19, 2013

My best constant childhood enemy at home
Till I realise, what is fondness and care?

A truly opposite charisma
Yet, we share the same blood.

Very lately, understood in my childhood
Having sister is lovely and great.

I understood this only when we came off from home
Not in the TV remote combat in the home.

More than a mother She knows me
A Second mother. Here, I am not too emotional :-)

Still, I remember blazing colour shirts
And, dazzling ideas which she has given to me.

I didn't express myself as a brother thoroughly.
This doesn't happen anymore from now on.

Successful or not,
White or dark,
Here or there,
This way or that way,
One thing never changes.

"She is my sweet sister"

I wish joy, love, and cheerfulness to be with her forever. :-)

Penned down this on My Sister's Birthday. Just to show how I kept her in my heart which I have never shown her before.