2013. How is it going?

April 21, 2013

2013 Year has been absolutely awesome and in upbeat. I still remember, the way I started this New Year at London. I watched the stunning fireworks at the +London Eye on 1st Jan 2013 12.00 AM. Those moments of happiness and awesomeness still continue in many ways.

Right after the few days of New Year, I heard that I have to change my work location. As a dramatic twist of tale, I moved to Hatfield which is really a positive note to my career. It is fantastic to work here in the Hatfield development team learning a lot of things in the Enterprise application development.

I started to jog again every day and this covers the distance of 4.4 Mile. Running is always close to my heart, where a great deal of energy is busted and I get a break from the long day of work. Those were the days where I jogged at Yediyur Lake Bangalore. We (+elavarasan r) had a bunch of guys whose used to meet at 7.00 AM in the park and jog for 4 to 5 rounds. I am happy again that I have started this rituals again here in Uk as well.

Nothing makes me happy than doing yoga. Volunteered in the Sadhguru's mega program in London Excel. This had given me the exposure of the international volunteers for the Isha yoga. I met lot of volunteers around the world. US, France (+sofia kaba-ferreiro) and Germany (+Binoy Valiavila) were some of the countries where I met meditators from and spoke to them. It was great moments to see Sadhguru near in many occasions. Those were the moments where I cherish for long days. London meditators were much more disciplined and organised with the use of technology. The organisation of the program was so perfect and meticulous. This was no surprise, as Isha volunteers are disciplined and organised.

Monthly sathsang which I am attending in London is great, as they give chances to stay in touch with Isha more often. Just wonderful to see all of the volunteers +Ayda Anlagan, again and again every month as a family.   And we have evening pot luck dinner as well to show that we are a family. What a lovely gathering!

I will keep the following things as very brief..

Samsung Galaxy S3 Purchase
Westminster Mile on May
Back to India on June
And lot to come this year

Greatest things are awaiting to fall this Year... Stay tuned.