Best time to be alive!

November 6, 2015

It has been really overwhelming to write this time as a lot of fortunate things have happened in recent times. I moved to London this September and started working in East London, Shoreditch.

I get a chance to see and live in beautiful London every day and experience the busy city. High skyscrapers, train in the drain, stunning wall paintings in East London, famous historic landmarks, scenic banks and peaceful river Thames.

Londoners are always seen by me as an inspiration and motivation for the life. When I travel in the underground train every day, I admire its engineering effort and I could think hardship they had gone through to make this outstanding transport infrastructure. Those who had made this happen are real visionaries who had envisioned future and created this. I am fortunate to travel in this everyday. Underground makes the city of London proud given the fact it has been in service for over 150 years.

A lot of best things are happening around us. I don't want to be like a blind man to the goodness around me. Let us celebrate the best things and invite more of it. It is the best time to alive!