Euro Trip 2012!

November 6, 2015

Having come back from the Euro trip, I wrote memories email to all our fellow tour mates. Today I happened to read that and I felt I should put this in the blog. :-)



Finally, I pushed myself to write tour experience. Here we go. 

@Dinshaw: We had great trip only because of a cool tour manager. Your musical and instrumental skills added the entertainment quotient to the whole 9 days. Thanks for your entertainment and having your coolness at all the time in organizing it.

@Venu @Naveen: (Part of Mafia's) Such a nice friends to have. Even on the first day of tour we have become so much mingled and lost our differences. The fun we had when taking pictures and Sane Paris Cruise were cherished.

@Vishruth(Action hero), @Joe (Cute Romantic Hero) : Only these two guys made the tour more alive. For me, Vishruth's everyday T-shirt stories were entertaining to listen. 

@Both young ladies from the US: They are absolutely funny young ladies who made us laugh on most occasions with their witty comments. Thanks to both of them for making the whole coach laughs for some time.

@Glyn: Youngest coach driver in the UK(we don’t know). Thanks for your back to back long drive in the last couple of days. Everyone had a nice time talking to you in between the breaks. Many ladies are believing that you are very innocent.(which you aren’t) :-)

@Laughter Club:(To all the people in the club) Laughter sound in between long boredom journey made many of us come to the tour happenings rather than in dreams(long sleeppp). I hope you all had a nice time in having the club in long journeys and late dinner times.

@Caravan Food: 9 days of too good Indian food made everyone grow horizontally. (this is true in my case and thinking to get new fit dress). For us Indians, food is very important one in a day. Even if we have visited the world wonder without a proper Indian food, we would say that tour is not so great. :-)

@All couples and families: It is always great to see the love pouring out from everybody. These couples and families made this to see in our eyes. At least in our 6 bachelors mind, you left the impression that we need to tour with family once again. Thanks for that.

Finally @Chennai Mafia's: Usually we don’t harm anybody by singing songs. Since nobody came forward to do, we pushed ourselves in trying the things which we aren’t good at under the leadership of our great mastermind JK (this is true). I personally enjoyed singing before you guys on the final day. Thanks for bearing that....
Highlighting Moments:

@Naveen - Holds the record for taking most Solo snaps in the whole Euro Trip

@Venu - Achieved his long itching dream on Top of Paris tower. (Only 75% achieved)(To know what he has achieved check out his facebook albums)

"Nakka mukka and Oola la" - have become the most repeated utterance in the whole 9 days

@JK - Most wanted/famous person in the tour(as always he does)
The last person has to sing - Everyone feared for this rule than any other punishment.

Most watched movie in tour: 3 idiots

So going forward… We have a great weekend ahead; you can do any of the things which are possible for you.
1.       Share your little tour experiences with us.
2.       Update your tour albums and send to your friends to see (I would love)
3.       Write a blog post (if you are used to)
4.       At the least an acknowledge mail 

Our memories are always elusive unless you pay attention and capture it.  

Personally, I had a great time and made more true friends. Bye Bye