Hello 2016

January 14, 2016

Best and exciting year has started. I am not sure what is there for me in the store. I am quite excited and delighted to be in this 2016.
I have become more focussed these days which has been always my most wanted thing. Both professionally and personally, I can say that I have become bit more intense and vibrant.
So here is my resolutions and areas where I am going to work on


Yoga has been my top focus. This gave me a lot of invaluable virtues in my life. Going to do yoga all 365 days. I am not sure where the life leads me but I am going to take yoga with me everywhere .


These days I am wondering about a lot of basics stuff and this leads to deep thoughts and perception about the fundamentals of computer science. Some time back, I was writing my name in binary just to visualise how data is stored in a computer. So, I am going to deepen my understanding of computer science.


I am going to eat healthy food. Also, I am going to run and cycle a lot in this year. Luckily, I have a bike and I take immense joy in taking it to work everyday. I need to write a post on my cycling experience to inspire others.


Exploration. I am going to travel at least one country in Europe. This is fascinating me. Fancy a Weekend in Spain!

Having a plan is always exciting. Life is best with surprises.
Best is yet to come