IOT Tech expo and Hackathon Experience

February 21, 2016

IOT Tech Expo

I had been to the Internet of Things expo which happened in Olympia tech park on Feb 10th and 11th. Intel is the main sponsor for the event. It hosted several different IOT providers from the Europe. It had been a fantastic 2 day event for me personally. 


As a part of the event, they conducted the hackathon from Intel and Microtech. Challenge is to develop a IOT gateway application from Intel and to develop an application using the Microtech link it board from Microtech. Both these streams offered board and Grove kit to work on. Provided grove kit offered a variety of sensors ranging from Light, temperature, vibration, dust and many more.
Here are my Hackaton team members. 
We did an intruder alert system which listens to the sound vibration ,raises the alarm and pushes the notification to the homeowner. We also developed the Stealth monitoring application which plots the graph of light, temperature and sound indicators in the cloud using the Intel’s cloud platform.

IOT world
This event gave a different perception about the IOT world. Having seen the offerings from major IOT providers in the Europe, It seemed that industry has grown immensely in designing the chip with a variety of sensors within few centimetres of the chip. Also, there is a lot of opportunities for application developers to develop the application using these highly sophisticated chips. In next decade, we are hopeful to see a matured IOT industry. However, in the current circumstances, we have a lot of challenges in implementing the IOT applications.
  • Lack of standards: Every manufacturer is having their own standards. The push towards the open standards will make the industry mature.
  • Security: In this world of information, keeping the information safe is a paramount responsibility for all the system owners. The mindset of implementing the MVP for the products and forgetting about the security provides a lot of opportunities for hackers.
  • Security updates: As the industry is growing at rapid pace, products become obsolete in a matter of 6 months time. Old devices are becoming prey to the hackers without the constant security fix.
Any growing industry will face the above challenges. Our human intelligence will address these challenges and make the things happen in near future.

Final Word

House with intelligent lighting control, intelligent windows blind, smart energy management, electronically secured and smart electronic devices are not dreams for the future generations. These high-end smart innovations will be de facto standard in next 10 years. I am highly upbeat about it.