Intel Edison Hackathon project

June 4, 2016


I have been thinking to put a post on experience in attending the London Intel IOT roadshow event which happened on May 14th and 15th 2016. So here it is.

Srikar and I participated in it. it is a two-day event which started with the challenge of creating an application based on Intel Edison board. We created a machine monitoring application using Edison. 

In short, This application will let you understand what your machine are doing, 
 when they are working, 
 when they aren't and why they aren't. 
This application gives you the data to take control of your production and maximise productivity.

It just supports both old machines and new machines without adding a lot of money to monitoring the machine.


We did manage to develop the prototype and made it work before the hackathon deadline. Indeed, we were excited to see the business value of seeing the productivity in the real-time. 

Here comes the interesting part. We did manage to complete the prototype. However, we didn't present the entire solution in less than 3 mins.

Lessons which I've learnt.
1. Even if you have Google's algorithm, if you are not going to present it well in less than 3 minutes. You won't be reaching places.
2. Don't put too many beating around the bush slides. Like motivation, why do we need this slides?
3. Know your teammate's skill set before forming the team. Don't be blind on this.
4. Not always business solutions win. some cool games may win.

Here we have a picture where I gave the presentation. 

You can find entire slideshow in Flick here

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