Writing is an expression!

February 25, 2018

It is a long due for a post here. I pondered to me, why do I have to write?  When I start writing a post, I didn't know what and how I am going to take the post forward. But I have the nerve to start writing the first line. Then on, words and lines have to flow out of me.

Writing is a beautiful expression of oneself. When I reflect on my writings in the blog, I see all my recollections, feats and nonsense :) living in front of eyes glowingly.

In writing, I see the life's journey from where I was to where I am. When I was some kid in small town in south India, I fantasize future as a sci-fi one where flying cars and bullet trains. Now, when I see my reality definitely we have travelled so far but we are not yet there.

This reality is not fundamentally different from where I was. it doesn't mean my world doesn't change. I have seen some magnificent peaks, picturesque landscapes, engineering wonders and living in world's most visited city. But fundamental aspect of who I am remains the same as I did peddle to school in my cycle. Future is not an extravagant version of our likes. Even when you are in your last breath who you are, remains the same as today irrespective of where you lived and which car you drove in your life.

Improving myself as a being is the only sure-fire way to getting ready for future.

Writing out here is my way of expressing who I am. More I express myself in writing, more opportunity to see myself and improve me.

Let's have the future Love, Light and Laughter. Let's write and express ourselves.